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  Oh hail, oh hail the Infantery Udskriv  
  Melodi:   Oh hail, oh hail the Infantery   Forfatter:   Ukendt
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 Oh hail, oh hail the Infantery.
 The queen of battle follow me.
 The infantery is the life for me,
 For nothing in this world is free.
 When I was young, my mama said,
 Join the army – and you’ll be dead.
 When I was young, my mama said,
 Join the army – and you’ll be dead.
 Oh hail, oh hail…
 I told my mum, I had to go.
 She begged me to stay, but I told her no.
 Cause mama, mama can’t you see,
 The infantery life seems right for me.
 Oh hail, oh hail…
 The war broke out on the 8’th of may,
 And the planes lined up to take us away.
 But deep in my heart I had no fear;
 My infantery god is always near.
 Oh hail, oh hail…
 Call the bid bird in the sky,
 All will jump, and some will die.
 Off the battle, we will go –
 To live or die, hell I don’t know.
 Oh hail, oh hail…
 Up in the morning, and out ot the rack,
 Greeted at dawn with a mother-ataack.
 First sergeant rushes me off the chow,
 But I don’t need it – anyhow.
 Oh hail, oh hail…
 The morters and artillery,
 The screamin busters surround me.
 A jacket shrapnol on the fly,
 It kills the bird, it makes me cry.
 Oh hail, oh hail…
 Early in the night, it’s drissling rain,
 I amhit, but feel no pain.
 Deep in my heart, I have no fear,
 My infantery god is near.
 Oh hail, oh hail…
 The battle is over, they told us we won,
 But there is no joy, there was no fun.
 Just what I did, I cannot say,
 But my best friend lost his life that day.
 Oh hail, oh hail…


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