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  Shoot to Kill Udskriv  
  Melodi:   Shoot to Kill   Forfatter:   Ukendt
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 They can drop us in the jungle,
 They can drop us everywhere,
 We don’t know where they send us,
 And we don’t really care.
 (Shoot, shoot, shoot to kill)
 (Shoot, shoot, shoot to kill)
 They can send us to a country,
 They can send a thousand men,
 They send us out to fight,
 To fight for our land.
 Ranger on a hill top,
 60 by his side.
 Sole intent and purpoose,
 Is just to stay alive.
 The rangers have a saying,
 They drill it in their head,:
 You never leave your boddy,
 Unless you know he’s dead.
 I jumped into a foxhole,
 I found my best friend there.
 They sot him with a bullet,
 A bullet though his head.
 My buddy’s in his foxhole,
 Bleeding from the head.
 The medic says he’s wounded,
 But I know that’s he’s dead.
 I got another buddy,
 He didn’t last for long.
 He loved to sing at noon,
 I never heard his song.
 You can hear the planes are coming,
 You can hear then ’bove your head.
 And when you see them diving,
 You know that they’ll bring dead.
 You can hear the tanks are coming,
 They are rolling up the hill.
 You know that if they make it,
 They’ll make another kill.
 You can hear the gooks are going,
 They are crawling up the hill.
 You know that if they make it,
 You will make another kill.
 You can hear the choppers coming,
 You can hear them ’bove you head.
 They are coming for the wounded,
 They are coming for the dead.
 You can hear te Danes are coming,
 We are marching all the way.
 And it is really nothing,
 That’s all we’re gonna say.
 You can hear the Danes are coming,
 We are marching to the bar.
 And if you cannot find us,
 You will know the place we are.


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