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  Marching corues Udskriv  
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 Took away my old blue jeans,
 Now I wear Arny green.
 Took away my pair of shoes,
 And they gave me combatboots.
 They put in a barberchair,
 Ran around I had no hair.
 Took away my set of wheels,
 Now I’ve blisters on my heals.
 Took away my life of fun,
 Now I’m playing with my gun.
 Took away my best girl-friend,
 Now I’m sleeping with a man.
 Up in the morning, much too soon,
 We are still marching after noon.
 I eat breakfast fast too soon,
 Hungry as hell before noon.
 Standing tall and looking good,
 Ought to be in Hollywood.
 Ain’t no use in looking down,
 Ain’t no whiskey (wommen) on the ground.
 Ain’t no use inlooking up,
 ’cause he won’t give you a stop.
 Ain’t no use in looking back,
 ’cause there ain’t no Cadillac.
 Ain’t no use in calling home,
 Jodie is on your telephone.
 Ain’t no use in going home,
 Jodie gots your girl in gown.
 Ain’t no use feeling blue,
 Jodie gots your sister too.
 Keep on looking straight ahead,
 To a warm and cosy bed.
 Look to the left and what you see,
 That’s the goog old infantry.
 Look to the right and what do you see,
 That’s the good old artiilery.
 She’s a lady in green,
 She’s a walking sex-machine.
 She’s a lady in blue,
 She’s for me and not for you.
 She’s a lady in white,
 I will love her very tight.
 She’s a lady in red,
 And I think she is the best.
 She’s a lady in brown,
 And she does it upside down.
 She’s a lady from the west,
 And I think she is the best.
 She’s a lady from the south,
 And she does it with her mouth.
 She’s a lady from the east,
 She is ficking like a beast.
 She’s a lady from the north,
 This guy tonight, he is the fouth.
 We are soldiers in green.
 We are marching for the Queen.


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